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'The Wedding' 


Eindhoven, Netherlands - 2018

Visual - Poster - Backdrop-Scene Design & Promotion Video: Deniz Tuzcuoglu

Play perfomed in: Hightech Campus, Pand P, Strijp-s Eindhoven (2019)

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PIP Storytelling group is part of the Parktheater International Program. A group of best friends is preparing the wedding of one of them. It should be the best wedding ever, but .. they have to cope with setbacks, misfortunes and personal dilemma’s. In order to get everything ready, they meet regularly in their local pub ‘The Ex-Pact Cafe’ .. ‘The Wedding’ is a short show (40 min) in a light tone, based on personal stories of the international cast. Cast: Beatriz Ramos Vaquero (Spain), Cécile de Vree (The Netherlands), Esther Cavini (Italy), Etem Özel (The Netherlands), Lupe Garcia Moreno (Spain), Pelagia Sykoudi Amanatidou (Greece), Sankalp Jain (India) Director of the play: Sara-Joan van der Kallen (SARAJOAN) Initiator/coach: Carola Eijsenring (Indigo-Wereld) 

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