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Experiencing Atlas Building @TU/e

My own-experiencing the flexible, smart office building

Deniz Tuzcuoglu

Since my PhD research covers the smart office buildings and user behavioral adaption, I wanted to share my own experience among the office environment at TU/e campus. Focusing mainly Atlas building.

I normally have my own desk on 9th floor at Vertigo building in the campus. Regarding various occasions recent months, I found myself willing to settle my working environment in a different environment rather than my current office. Of course, one of my dominant factors that motivated my decision was that I wanted to work fully concentrated on the article deriving from the my PhD research.


Atlas building at TU/e campus was officially opened its doors on February, 2019 after a renovation period. From that time on, I had passed through the building for several occasion


Since I wanted to find new motivational point, and also I am enjoying experiencing different places and social context while I enjoying experiencing and enjoying to observe my own reactions in various physical and social settings. 

I had questioning is it a smart way of working?

Maybe individual rooms could have card-reader

My attitudes and changes in my working habits - 

Smart way of working within a smart working environment 

Culture of working is also changed here. Everyone is equal in using office space and facilities, aware of how to use and act and behave using common spaces within a fair make use of it. 


1. Lockers

Since you are supposed to use the working spaces regarding to your daily need based upon your job task on relevant day, you probably would need to have a specific space to storage your daily used belongings. In my experience, First two days, I carried my own water bottle and coffee cup with me. Then, I realized my need and found out how to use the lockers from the colleagues on the floor. At that time, I have informed by several cases,


You might need to have maybe a bit more than the required number in order to have the flexibility for the future usage. This might be a temporary period, which is not planned now, however might the capacity should meet at any time necessary.    

2. Clean Desk Policy - Less print 

3. Having two large screens and very smart connection in almost every desk. 

Almost every desk occupied with two screens which provides you enourmous flexibility while you are working on various documents.. which is a kind of neccesity.. in todays word to be This provide you a comfortable way of reading any pdf document while another screen is open to be worken on it. The major advantage of this habit if you gain this, is that this aoid you to print in order to read all those documents, and handle them all ... 


 non-printable habits - 

4. User-friendly adjustable tables and chairs

5. Changing work station - experiencing variaty -

your brain and habits always on the mode of experiencing

However, almos most of the concentrated rooms are exaclty desgined similar to each other, except some of tables are automated arranging, some of them manual. some tables are leaning to the wal having window on the right side. 

The amplitude level of similarity between concentrated rooms are also helping you you to establish an attachment within the familirities that gives you the confidency, at the same time you are also free to change your workstation any time during the day or week. This also creates flexibility and freedom feeling. 

6. Lighting, temperature and ventilation


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