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29th Stichting Bossche Amateur Painting Day

11 June, 2017 |  Deniz Tuzcuoglu

On 11 of June 2017,  I had chance to attend 29th Stichting Bossche Amateur Painting Day (29th Stichting Bossche Amateur Schilderdag) with Tekenmeesters group. I involved that group when I learned about their sketching activities regularly. I tried to join these activities as much as ı can when I was in Eindhoven. This is how I had also heard about the Painting Day in Den Bosh. 


The day started with a short breakfast in "Bar le Duc" (Korenbrugstraat 5-7) around 09:45 before we went for sketching to different locations around the city. I chose the location, with a nice shadow in the church garden, as my first frame for sketching that I could see entire church. I enjoyed a lot sketching especially when I found myselft observing the ornamentation of the church's facade.


After we gathered for lunch, we again seperated into various spots in the city. At the end of the day, all sketches of the participants exhibited, and evaluated by the jury. Eventhough, I was a little bit late to catch up my group in the exhibition panel, I could have a photo of my two sketches with the sketches of my group.

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